Fly Killarney

How to get to Killarney and the Launches
From the Gold Coast you'll need to go to Canungra, then Beaudesert and on to Boonah. After Boonah turn left towards Maroon Dam / Rathdowney. Follow that road until you reach Carney's Creek Road. See Option B, Part 2 below for instructions from there. (Alternatively you can also go Beaudesert, Rathdowney, Carney's Creek Road, but that's a little bit slower.)

To get from Brisbane to Killarney you can go either of two ways. First leave Brisbane heading southwest towards Ipswich.

  • Option A: Through Cunningham's Gap.
    Before Ipswich take the Warwick turn off and head towards Warwick. Continue on the Cunningham Highway over Cunninghams Gap and down the western side onto the flatlands.

    Then after a Driver Reviver stop on the right continue for about 4.2 kms and take a left signposted Queen Mary Falls and Cedar Route 14.

    Pass through Freestone and then take a left signposted Queen Mary Falls and Cedar Route 14 onto Freestone Creek Road. After just 2.1 kilometers take a right still signed Queen Mary Falls onto Jack Smith Gully Road.

    In 5.7 Kilometers you will come to a 'T' intersection, take a left onto Settlers Route towards Yangan Town and still signposted Queen Mary Falls. Keep on driving to Emuvale which has a terrace of trees on either side of the road, then take a right over the bridge next to the school.

    You will next come into a small town (really just a few houses) called Tannymorel. Now it's decision time: If you want to go into Killarney to have breakfast or do some shopping or you need fuel or you are going to the North East Launch called Carr's Lookout you should continue on straight to Killarney from here. Access to the other launches is from Tannymorel; see below for details.

  • Option B: Via The Head/Teviot Gap
    1. From Ipswich take the Boonah turn off (Boonah Ipswich Road) when you reach the other end of Ipswich and continue on through Boonah.

      After Boonah head along the Boonah Rathdowney Road towards Rathdowney / Maroon Dam for 14kms and take a right turn, signposted Croftby (7kms), Adjinbilly Cabins, The Head (35kms) onto Carney's Creek Road.

    2. Continue on Carney's Creek Road until you reach another right turn signposted The Head Road / Killarney, Spring Creek Cafe (Carr's Lookout) and Adjinbilly Cabins. This road is all bitumen now but is very narrow and winding! This will take you up the range and over Teviot Gap (The Head) with Teviot Falls on your right.

      You will go on to flowing green grasslands and then to another road junction where you will need to take the left hand fork and which will take you up to Carr's Lookout. The North Eastern Launch is to the left and behind the lookout platform, at the second gate on your right going back down the hill.

      To get to the other launches continue down the road to Killarney. From Killarney head out towards Warwick and take the right turn signed to Tannymorel.

Here is a rough road map of the launch and bombout area.
Western/Fillon's Launch, Eastern/Eagle's Launch
If you're coming from Warwick and you want to go to the Western, Eastern or South Eastern launch you should take a left at Tannymorel and another left passing the war memorial. Coming from Killarney that's two right turns, at the school/church and then at the war memorial.

Continue on this road through a shack town called Mt. Colliery, through a dip in the road at a cross road and further on where the road turns to dirt. Continue on to a fork in the road and take the right fork there up the hill which is called Gambugal Road. Attention: heavy logging trucks are using Gambugal Road. The logging truckers use UHF Channel 9, which you should monitor. Going up the hill you cross two cattle grids and just before a third you turn right and down onto Sunday Plains Road. The new sign post is hard to miss.

Sunday Plains Road is a public road - up to the gate further up the hill: Do not pass that gate unless you have contacted the club president or secretary at least 72 hours earlier and received their ok.

Northern Launch/Hoffmann's
There is a northern launch up on the high hills to the north of the other launches; Please contact the club president for access arrangements to this site.

Access the the northern launch is via Gambugal Road: at the Sunday Plains Road turnoff you continue on up the hill instead of turning right down onto Sunday Plains Road. You continue along this road for quite some kilometers in and out of the forestry trees but always keeping to the main track. Attention: heavy logging trucks are using Gambugal Road and the forestry roads. The logging truckers use UHF Channel 9, which you should monitor.

You will finally come out near a steep hillside looking down on your right with the forestry on your left and past a lookout called Kelly's Lookout. Continue on and you will reach a locked gate. Park on the right and walk in about 50 meters and the northern launch is there on your right.

Access through the other way of this road is with a key, please contact the club president for details.

North Eastern Launch / Carr's Lookout
From Boonah: just before the Carr's Lookout parking area and the cafe there's two gates to your left. The first gate is where you want to go to.

From Warwick/Killarney: in Killarney turn right at the police station / Warwick Credit Union cross roads, pass The Tucker Shop (Great food and great people) on your left then continue out of town and take a left signposted Queen Mary Falls. Go past the falls car parking area (nice place to stop and look around) and after a few more kilometers you reach Carr's Lookout on your left. There is a nice cafe just before the lookout with great views.

From the lookout platform you can see the launch to your right and behind you. To access the launch area continue on the road down the hill, past an old gate on your right and until you reach the next gate on your right. Please leave this gate as you find it, continue up the grassy hill on the tracks (do not try this if the ground is wet) and until you reach the telecommunication tower, where you can park your car. The land owner here is very friendly and will come up and have a chat if he sees you up there. His name is Simon; he is a great person so please do respect his place.

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