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Launch Sites
The main launches are on the Sunday Plains hill. These photos face south-west and west. To the left we've got the Condamine Gorge, which the easterly and south-easterly launches are facing. These launches are just behind the top of the hill visible here. A gravel road (2WD) leads up to the top of the hill and beyond to the western launches.

Turning a bit further to the right we see the old western launch just at the top of the spur (the open area), and the flatlands behind. A newly cut better western launch is located on the slope behind the spur. Killarney town is about 5km behind the spur.

2004_08_23-hill-from-road.jpg 2004_08_23-hill-to-western-launch.jpg

Here are some waypoint maps: Map 1 and Map 2.

Eagle's Launch Southeast
The Southeastern launch altitude is 1023m. Both Eagle's launches overlook the Great Condamine Gorge, with the Condamine river running through. The bombout is in the valley in front of launch. Killarney is down to the right at the mouth of the valley on the first picture, and behind the camera on the second. The last is a panorama of about 270.
2004_08_23-se-launch2.jpg 2003_11_15-killarney-launch.jpg southeast.jpg
Brosnan's knoll to the right of launch is a useful thermal trigger and provides an easy escape towards Killarney town, and the spurs jutting out behind launch work very well, too. From about 10km over the back, it's open plains as far as you can see.
This is the lush, green state of launch as of November 2007.
Eagle's Launch E
The eastern launch is fairly new and recently grassed over, as the last pictures show. Altitude is 1002m. The valley in front leads to the Condamine Gorge in the distance, and the distinctive bright open area on the ridge on the horizon is Carr's Lookout. These photos face due east. The panorama spans about 180 and shows the newest, final state (without the tree stumps).
2004_08_23-e-launch3.jpg 2004_08_23-e-launch-to-carrs.jpg DSCN0249.JPG DSCN0251.JPG east.jpg
There is a house thermal in front and slightly to the left of launch, which is fed from the gorge.
A nice grassed launch as of November 2007; things have improved a lot since 2003!
Carr's Lookout
This launch site is no longer available as of Jan 2020.

Carr's lookout, at an altitude of 1093m, is another local flying site which faces east to northeast. Simon Bolitho, a local farmer owns the site and has been supporting flying in the area for many years.

Attention: As of 2013 the paddocks directly in front of launch at the bottom of the cliff are no longer available for landing. You need to fly out a bit further either to the left or right.

Carr's is located right on the border between NSW and QLD and about 15km east of Killarney Town in the middle of the Main Range. The first photo shows Carr's Lookout from the bombout valley facing west. The flatland behind the range in the next two photos (facing east) is the area around Maroon Dam and Rathdowney; the last photo faces due north.

2005_11_11-carrs-lookout2.jpg 2004_06_13-mike-launching-carrs.jpg 2004_06_13-mike-over-carrs.jpg 2004_06_13-mike-over-carrs2.jpg
Heading over the back from Carr's is hardest as the launch is high and backed by a high plateau. From Carr's you would head towards Urbanville or Woodenbong. There is a power line running down the cliff to the east of the actual launch which may be difficult to see in the late afternoon and when you are scratching low near the cliffs. The cliffs below launch can kick off bullet thermals.
Fillon's/New Western Launch
This launch site is no longer available as of Jan 2012.

The newly developed Western launch is owned by Sandrine and Oliver Fillon and is at an altitude of 964m. A panorama taken during the cleanup work. It spans about 210 and faces due west.

As the westerly wind comes over lots of country until it hits the launch ridge, it can get bumpy. There is a house thermal to the south of the rocky spur and further to the south there are other ridge spurs coming off the plateau which work as triggers when going towards Stanthorpe or Woodenbong.
west-left.jpg west-center.jpg west-sock.jpg west-right.jpg
In November 2007 some further work was done on Fillon's launch to improve its usefulness: the lip at the bottom is gone, and the launch was turfed.
Hoffman's/Northern Launch
Hoffman's is at 1119m and owned by the Hoffman family; it faces predominantly north. Very picturesque facing the western side of the Great Dividing Range, it offers quite some height difference down to the bombout. Heading over the back, you fly over Emuvale. Bombout access is from Emuvale/Rockbrae. Hoffman's hasn't been flown much but it has a lot of potential.
The first panorama faces towards the northwestern side of Hoffman's, where the valley in front joins the plains near Emuvale. The other panorama faces northeast.
hoffmans-west-pano.jpg hoffmans-east-pano.jpg
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