Fly Killarney

The Club
We have formed this new club as part of our efforts to secure launch and landing sites in the area. Some of the launches we use changed owners recently, and to secure continuing access for pilots we approached the owners and arranged a lease of the launch site with them.

In order to be covered by our lease agreements with the land owners, all pilots who wish to fly in the Killarney area must be members of the club and follow the operational rules listed in the Wicked Wings Club By-Laws. The By-Laws document also lists a few general etiquette rules.

The administrative rules for the club are available here;

Details on how to join the club can be found here.
Pete Schwenderling
mob 0427 461 347

Peter Harding
mob 0427 119 314

Killarney Site Manager:
Dave Gibbs
mob 0429 775 554

Sonya Fardell
mob 0415 156256

Web & Tech:
Alexander Zangerl
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