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Competition Details
Here are the details you might need to decide about competing.
Dates and Locations
The dates for the Killarney Classic 2009 are 28.2.-7.3.2009. Priority entry deadline is 5.12.2008. Registration will open on the 7.11.2008.

As accomodation in town is limited, early bookings are very much recommended.

The Competition HQ is at the Tannymorel Bowls Club.

The registration signin will be on Friday 27th between 17:00 and 21:00, with the first briefing on the 28th at 08:30 - all at the Competition HQ.

The Killarney competition welcomes paraglider pilots with a rating of Intermediate or Advanced and a good, comprehensive level of inland experience. Other pilots may enter at the organiser's discretion.

You need a current HGFA membership to fly in Australia and in the comp; the HGFA offers short-term membership for visiting pilots. Visiting pilots must complete registration with the HGFA before arriving at the competition.

UHF CB radios (Australia-specific, 477MHz band) are used in the Killarney comp and you need one. The terrain favours high-power (5W) units.

You need a GPS, preferrably a Garmin brand unit. Your GPS must provide a 3D track log, i.e. record altitudes.

Entry Fee
The entry fee is $255. The entry fee includes bombout retrieves, a map of the local area, presentation dinner, pilot packs (detailed contents TBA), a (non-voting) membership in the Fly Killarney club for 2009 and official staff members to assist on launch and through out the Competition. A $15 rebate applies for current Fly Killarney members. Please note: The club's financial year runs February 1st to January 31st, which means that a membership taken out for last year's comp does not cover you for this year's competition.

The Fly Killarney Inc Club requires all pilots to be members, which costs $15.00 for non-voting members and is included in your competition fee. This covers you for one year and goes towards site development for the Killarney area. If you want to support us better, you can also join us as a full club member with voting rights for an additional $15.

Entries are accepted based on the requirements of the HGFA Competitions Manual Edition V6.6, section 3.4, with 85 positions available (plus 5 wild-card entries at the organiser's discretion) and a priority entry deadline of 5.12.2008. If the competition is oversubscribed at that date, priority selections will be made. Payment deadline for priority entries is 12.12.2008. In any case, pilots will be advised of their status at that date.

Payment Details
No refunds will be issued after 30.1.2009.

Payment details TBA.

Retrieves from the bombouts back to launch or back to serviceable roads are provided by the comp organisation, but this service will be limited, so to guarantee your chances of an effective re-fly retrieve system you will need to organise your own. Note that from the SE bombout there may be some water crossings depending on previous weather, so a 4WD vehicle could be of benefit for a team's retrievals. All other bombouts (and all launches) are easily 2WD-acccessible.

Retrieves other than from the bombouts are the pilots' responsibility!

Competition Rules
As an FAI CAT 2 competition, we will be adhering to the FAI Sporting Code Section 7B and the FAI Sporting Code General Section guidelines. The competition will be run according to the most current version of the Hang Gliding Federation of Australian Competitions Manual (Competitions Manual Edition 6.7). Amendments to these rules necessary because of local conditions will be announced at the first briefing and posted on the competition notice board.
Flight Verification and Scoring
Task verification will be achieved using tracklogs downloaded from each pilot's GPS. Tracklog verification will be done with either FsFlight or MaxPunkte. All pilots are required to provide a 3D track log. The competition accepts most GPS's using Lat/Long DDD MM SS.S format. We will supply cables to suit Garmin, Flytec, Bräuniger, Aircotec, MLR. Pilots using other types of GPS's will need to supply their own cables. These may be left with the scorer for the duration of the competition.

Goals will be un-manned and GPS goal verification will be given priority. Comp Personnel at goal may be used for second priority verification and to back up the sequence of pilots going over goal.

There will be no photographic verification. Pilots must register their (main and backup) GPS units.

The competition will be scored using GAP2007 scoring parameters, on either FsComp or RACE. The GAP parameters are as follows:

  • Nominal Distance: 40km
  • Minimum Distance: 5km
  • Nominal Time: 90min
  • Nominal Goal: 20%
  • no departure points (as in OzGap2005)
  • lead out points (as in GAP2002)
  • timed arrival points (as in OzGap2005)
Comp Organiser: Matthew Rosser
Comp Director: Wendy Horchner
Scorer: Matthew Rosser

The competition organisers kindly ask for nominations for pilots for the Safety Committee, Task Committee and the Protest Committee by email.

Current nominations (to be finalised at the first briefing):

The Killarney Classic definitely needs some enterprising pilots to help as wind dumm..ahem, wind technicians. For their efforts in finding thermals and checking conditions for the competitors, wind technicians will be rewarded with a free presentation dinner.

If you are interested in going where no pilot has gone before on a given day, meet interesting people and conditions, please contact Matthew Rosser.

Competitor Mailing-List
To simplify contacts between competitors (for arranging retrieves and the like), we have set up a mailing list. To use it, simply send your message to and it will be delivered to all the registered competitors and the organisers.

By default all competitors are subscribed to the list; If you do not want to receive other competitor's messages, simply send an empty email with the subject vacation to (for example by following this link) and we will not bother you again.

There are some minor limitations to the list's workings: large messages are not allowed and will be discarded (as will be spam), and you must send your messages with the sender address set to the one you used in the comp registration.

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