Fly Killarney

Killarney PG Classic 2009
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Pilot Blogs

Peter Thompson
Frederic Avenet
Oliver Blonske
Results 2009
Day-1 | 28-02-2009
Day-2 | 01-03-2009
Day-3 | 02-03-2009

Cancelled due to untaskable conditions.
Day-4 | 03-03-2009


Task was stopped due to overdevelopment on the course line.
As it was an Elapsed time Task it was not valid to be scored.

Day-5 | 04-03-2009
Day-6 | 05-03-2009

Cancelled due to strong winds
Day-7 | 06-03-2009
Day-8 | 07-03-2009
The End | Killarney PG Classic 2009

Andrew Horchner's landing tips..

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