Fly Killarney

Paragliding in Southeast Queensland

Welcome to the home page of Fly Killarney Inc., the Killarney Paragliding Club, where we hope to provide you with all the necessary information about flying in this area and about the Killarney PG competition.

The Killarney sites are administered by the Wicked Wings Para/Hang gliding club. If you wish to fly the Killarney sites you MUST be a member of this club. Details on membership can be found here.

If you have comments or questions, please feel free to contact the team.

For those who don't know about Killarney: it is located about 3 hours drive inland from the Gold Coast of QLD.

Killarney offers some of the best XC flying in Queensland and nationally; it has numerous launch sites that cover most directions in very close proximity to each other. There are 1000's of km of wide open flatlands to the west with excellent road networks throughout. In the past people have accomplished quite rewarding flights in the Killarney area, flying over and gazing down upon extinct volcanic plugs and the picturesque flatlands of the Darling Downs.

The Killarney and Toowoomba Clubs are merging!
As of July 2016 the Killarney club is merging with the Toowoomba Paragliding and Hang Gliding Club. This is good news for pilots as membership to this one club will now enable pilots to fly both the Killarney and Toowoomba sites.
New Western Launch: permanently closed
The new western launch (Fillon's) is no longer accessible as of Jan 2012, because no agreement with the new land owners could be reached. The old western launch (on the spur) is open.
All Launches: New Access Rules
All launches are now owned by new owners. The new rules about flying there require that you give a minimum of 72 hours prior notice to either Club President or Club Secretary (contact details here) of your desire to fly at Killarney.

This is because we will need to get the ok from the owner and then let you know if it will be alright for you to go there.

Every person intending to enter the property will also need to sign a Deed Of Release and return it to us beforehand. This is a requirement of the owner. These rules must be complied with as you will be trespassing on private land if you do not comply with them.

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